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Unique in every way

Wood is a natural renewable material that is unique in every way. No two pieces are alike and it is the perfect material to build our unique one of a kind lifestyle products out of. Wood has character and warmth that ads a unique value to our products. It is a renewable resource that is often overlooked in the fashion world and we are taking it to a whole new level.

Wood grain is never repeated so when you use a piece of wood to build something it becomes a one of a kind piece.

Embracing Simplicity

For centuries wood has been the go to material for everything but recent generations seem to have overlooked its value for certain uses. All the new gadgets and gizmos that seem to have started consuming our lives have taken over. We wanted to bring back the simplicity and beauty that can be found in by nature.  Wood only gets better with age and not very many materials can say the same.



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