Our Mission

Tahoe Timber is a Lifestyle Brand Dedicated to utilizing sustainable renewable and reclaimed resources to craft unique products inspired by natures beauty.

Our Values


Tahoe Timber practices responsible usage of natural resources.  Our products focus on the use of materials that are sustainably harvested reclaimed and renewable. We cherish the place we live and want to preserve its beauty by having a small environmental footprint as a company.


Tahoe Timber takes pride in taking an environmental approach to business. We want to be a resource and role model for other companies on creating products and practices that focus on preservation and have a positive environmental impact.


Through organizations like Sierra Nevada Journeys, and Tahoe National Forest Service. We hope to bring awareness to the global issues facing our youth, and promote responsible decisions today, that will affect the world they live in tomorrow.

Our Materials

Locally Harvested Timber
Locally Harvested Timber

We love creating products with a purpose and especially ones with local ties. We use beetle kill pine and downed timber sustainably harvested from Tahoe National Forest. The beauty quality and environmental impact are undeniable. Most of our timber is pulled from the Tahoe Basin and milled at Martis Camp right outside of the town of Truckee. We are involved every step of the way and are proud to do our part to make the Tahoe National Forest thrive!

Sustainably Harvested Hardwoods
Sustainably Harvested Hardwoods

Sustainable hardwoods are harvested from forests managed to maintain a natural balance of tree and plant diversity. The harvesters also take pains to reduce the impact of the harvest by maintaining a buffer of trees around waterways and reseeding areas damaged by the lumbering equipment. That’s good news. But lumber producers must do even more to earn FSC certification for their products. They must document the journey of the lumber from forest to retail shelves with a chain-of-custody paper trail to prove that the wood was harvested legally from a certified sustainable forest.


Bamboo is actually a grass. It is one of our planets fastest growing sustainable and renewable resource. Some species can grow as much as three feet in a 24-hour period. Its strength to weight ratio is almost unbelievable which makes it such a great material for out driftwood collection of sunglasses. We are also using the materials in our apparel line all of our shirts will be bamboo. This creates a sustainable and functional product. Super soft moisture wicking and odor resistant clothing make it a no brainer.